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before you learn, first unlearn.

STRESS has been made into man's enemy, when the reality is, stress has utility. Everything that nature has build into you is for your own good. Our view of stress has become distorted and its very often misunderstood. 

If you've found yourself here, then chances are you've been relating to stress in completely unnatural ways and here in lies the problem! You're not getting the benefits, while at the same time you're completely overwhelming your whole system! 

This course is designed to put things back into their natural order, deepening your understanding whilst teaching you how you can start turning stress from an enemy, into your friend! 

What People Say

Reeva Bains

(United Kingdom)

“My Chi Journey is a great platform that provides guidance and opens one's mind to thinking about life in a different way... ”

Alessandra Vallone

(Napoli, Italy)

"One of the hardest challenge for me was questioning myself and finding a way that can help me to live a more balanced yet enthusiastic life. In a few days I have learned more than I had during the past years..."

Tash Pieterse

(Auckland, New Zealand)

"If you're truly open to changing your way of thinking and living, My Chi Journey will be instrumental in starting that journey..."

Rahima Younis

(United Kingdom)

"I came to unlearn and relearn and that is exactly what I left with...."

Aylish Claire

(Rep. of Ireland)

"Michael you have a true talent at making people feel comfortable about sharing. Keep doing what you're doing, your passion for it really shines through..."

Anna Douglas

(United Kingdom)

"I can’t believe how much I got out of this. It completely exceeded my expectations, helped me move forward with my life, and I can’t thank Michael and the team enough...."

Betty Byers

(United States)

"Michael Dahdal has managed to find the perfect environment in which people can awaken their true potential without losing their own self-identity! My experience with My Chi journey has been empowering, I highly recommend to anyone who needs to find the answers within themselves..."

Course Curriculum

What You'll Learn

  • 2


  • 3

    Section 1: Stress in Nature

    • Stress in Nature Overview (Audio)

    • Video Animals in the Wild (The Hunt)

    • The Hunt: Reading

    • The Hunt Quiz

    • The Hunt. Sharing your reflections.

    • Uniqueness of Humans (Audio)

    • Passage from book

    • P2S1 Reflect: General (Human Experience)

    • Review Quiz

  • 4

    Section 2: The Physiological Stress Response

    • Physiological Stress Response Overview (Audio)

    • A Stress Animation (Video)

    • Quiz: The Physiological Stress Response

    • Exercise: Slowing Breathing & Heart Rate

    • Tactical Breathing 4-4-4 (Video)

    • P2S2 Reflect: General (Breathing Technique)

  • 5

    Section 3: Primary Functions of Stress

    • Primary Functions of Stress Intro (Audio)

    • Anxiety (Arousal) and Performance Graph (Peak Performance)

    • Quote

    • Quick Quiz

    • A Perfect 10 - Nadia Comaneci, Montreal Olympics 1976 (Video)

    • P2S3 Reflect: General (Peak Performance)

    • Good Stress Vs Bad Stress (Audio)

    • Quiz: Good v Bad Stress

  • 6

    Section 4: Physical Vs Psychological Stress

    • Physical Vs Psychological Stress (Audio)

    • Physiological Effects of Prolonged Psychological Stress

    • Quick Quiz

    • Dr Robert Sapolsky on Stress

    • P2S4 Reflect: Personal Journal

  • 7

    Chapter Summary & Reflections

    • End of Part 2: Chapter Summary & Reflections

    • Summary and Reflections (Audio)

    • P2 Reflect: Personal Journal

    • Bonus Video (If you have some time to kill) (90 minutes)

  • 8


    • Intro to Human Stress Triggers (Audio)

    • What you will cover (outline)

    • Quick Quiz

    • P3S0 Reflect : General

  • 9

    Section 1: Fear & Anxiety

    • Intro to Fear and Anxiety (Audio)

    • Fear & Anxiety in Film

    • Video Clip 1: Karate Kid (Fear)

    • P3S1 Reflect: General (Fear)

    • Video Clip 2: Rocky (Anxiety)

    • P3S1 Reflect: General (Anxiety)

    • Managing Fear and Anxiety (Audio)

    • Video: Conquering Fear (Slaying Your Dragon)

    • P3S1 Reflect: Personal Journal

    • Bonus Video : The Hero's Journey

    • The Symbolic Cave (Reflection)

    • Extra. A Discussion with Joseph Campbell.

    • Quote

  • 10

    Section 2: Stress & Time

    • Intro to Stress and Time (Audio)

    • Why is it so difficult to live in the present?

    • Expand your understanding

    • Time and Human Psychology

    • P3S2 Reflect: General (1)

    • Reconciling Time (Audio)

    • Quick Quiz

    • P3S2 Reflect: General (2)

  • 11

    Section 3: Stress & Personal Control

    • Intro Stress and Personal Control (Audio)

    • Quick Quiz

    • Sphere of Influence (Simple Illustration)

    • Reclaiming Personal Control (Audio)

    • P3S3 Reflect : Personal Journal

    • Bonus Video: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

    • Bonus Activity: Create A Circle Of Control Poster

  • 12

    Section 4: Stress & Social Hierarchies

    • Intro to Stress & Social Hierarchies (Audio)

    • Professor Michael Marmot: The Baboons and Us (Video / 2 mins)

    • P3S4 Reflect: General

    • Navigating Social Hierarchies (Audio)

    • Quick Quiz

  • 13

    Section 5: Stress, Ambiguity & Uncertainty

    • Ambiguity and Uncertainty (Audio)

    • Quick Quiz

    • Creating Certainty (Audio)

    • Quick Quiz

    • P3S5 Reflect: Personal Journal

  • 14

    Section 6: Stress & Resolution (Open Loops)

    • Intro to Stress & Resolution (Audio)

    • Zeigarnik Effect: Unfinished Tasks Are Hard To Forget (Video)

    • Quick Quiz

    • Finding Resolution (Audio)

    • Cutting the Cord (Thought Loops)

    • Video: European Vacation (Roundabout)

    • What is your roundabout?

    • Activity

    • P3S6 Reflect: Personal Journal

  • 15

    Section 7: Your attitude to stress & its significance

    • Your Attitude To Stress (Audio)

    • Quick Quiz

    • Video Intro

    • The Athletes Mind

    • Video Reflections

    • Shifting Your Attitude (Audio)

    • P3S7 Reflect: Personal Journal

    • Quote

    • P3S7 Reflect : General (Quote)

  • 16

    Section 8: Strategies for better harnessing stress

    • Strategies for Harnessing Stress (a summary)

    • P3S8 Reflect: Personal Journal

    • Quote

  • 17


    • Introduction to Part 4

    • Activity 1: Identifying Your Fears

    • Activity 2: Conquering Time

    • Activity 3 : Spheres of Influence

    • Activity 4: Clarity & Direction

    • Activity 5: Resolution

    • P4 Reflect : Final Thoughts

    • Record Audio (Course Completed)

    • Final Comments From Michael (Audio)

    • Now. Go get at it!

  • 18

    Conclusion + Next Steps

    • Review Survey


Michael Dahdal (Founder My Chi Journey)

Michael Dahdal

Michael is an Australian and the founder of My Chi Journey. He is a strong advocate for nature and simplicity holding the answers to many of the modern world's great challenges. A graduate in Applied Science with a post graduate Degree in Education he holds over two decades of experience working in sports, international development and education globally. He brings a unique approach to integrating a range of disciplines to addressing everyday real-life challenges.

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